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Bridging the human rights gap for better quality in healthy living.

Support services with sustainable affordable housing for the homeless and low-income population.

In Los Angeles, AIDS Healthcare Foundation launched the ‘Healthy Housing Foundation by AHF,’ which will provide decent housing units at an affordable cost to low-income people, including families with children, and those previously unsheltered or homeless. HHF will offer priority placement to individuals with chronic health conditions, including HIV/AIDS. AHF will expand the scope of its Healthy Housing Foundation across the country as the need finds, and its resources allow.

Members of the Coalition

Housing is a Human Right
In response to the rising cost of housing and gentrification, which is displacing more of our patients across California and beyond, we have launched the Housing is a Human Right project and Healthy Housing Foundation to fulfill our public health mission. We believe that housing is a human right, and that we are in a crisis that demands action.

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Affordable Housing Act
A proposed ballot measure that will give cities and counties the power to adopt rent control necessary to address the state’s housing affordability crisis by repealing the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. Costa-Hawkins prevents cities and counties from applying rent control to apartments built after 1995 or to single-family rental units and condos. It also allows landlords to raise the rent as much as they want when a unit becomes vacant.

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3 Reasons Why

Leaving a violent situation at home
Left on their own due to death of a loved one whom they relied upon 
Unable to pay rent, therefore left without options