The Healthy Housing Foundation by AHF’s Mission

Through the Healthy Housing Foundation, AIDS Healthcare Foundation will provide faster access to transitional and longer-term housing for low-income individuals and families. The Healthy Housing Foundation also hopes to demonstrate to politicians, government officials and bureaucrats as well as like-minded community groups and housing advocates, that our most vulnerable citizens—those who are at extremely low and very low-income levels—can be helped or placed into clean and safe housing without the lengthly delays, the extreme scarcity of—and the outrageously high costs—that have become the accepted standard for ‘affordable’ housing.

  • Build or acquire units to make them available for low-income housing (below 50% of the average median income).
  • Refurbish these units for far less than the $350,000 per unit currently touted as the “norm.”
  • Generate returns sufficient to justify deploying capital in this way.
  • Scale this model to create housing for more Americans in need at the lowest income levels.
  • Use 100% equity financing to do so, without leverage or LIHTC funding, which often carries regulations and restrictions that inhibit cost-effective decent housing.
Healthy Housing Foundation Facts at a Glance

The Healthy Housing Foundation by AHF’s Mission

Healthy Housing Foundation is determined to add 10,000 affordable housing units across the nation over the next ten years.

As of the end of 2018, the Healthy Housing Foundation by AHF owns and operates approximately 600 affordable housing units in Southern California, is developing affordable housing across 15 acres of land in South Florida, and strategizing expansion to other states. Additionally, HHF affiliate organizations provide a range of housing resources and placements to over 500 individuals and families across United States each year.